Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy in Oakland

How Bankruptcy Can Bring You Peace of Mind

Many people believe bankruptcy has a negative connotation and shy away from filing; however, there are many benefits that bankruptcy could provide to you. At the Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, we understand that your situation may be stressful and financial hardships may be weighing you down, but we can assist you.

If you are in need of a trusted lawyer who can provide you with representation and information about the various benefits that filing can have for your personal situation, do not hesitate to contact a bankruptcy lawyer from our team.

The biggest draw for most people to file for bankruptcy is the fact that it will assist with eliminating non-secured debts, but there are many other advantages as well, including these five benefits:

Automatic Stay

From the moment you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay will be placed onto your account. This means that all collection attempts will be forced to cease and that creditors will have to stop trying to call or get in contact with you. Automatic stays are court orders, and any creditor that attempts to contact you after the filing of your petition can be directed to your attorney.

Foreclosure Protection

Are you facing foreclosure? We can save your home! If you are late on mortgage or loan payments and are aware that you may soon be in the midst of the foreclosure process, filing for bankruptcy can greatly benefit you. When you file, all foreclosure attempts will be forced to cease, allowing you time to restructure your payments or negotiate with creditors to protect your home.

Saving Your Vehicle

In addition to protecting your home, bankruptcy can also save other property from repossession. One of the biggest worries regarding bankruptcy is that cars and other items purchased on credit will be repossessed; however, filing for bankruptcy could stop the repossession process and help regain property and items that have been recently repossessed. To learn more about qualifying for this benefit, it is important that you speak with an attorney.

Reversal of Bank Levies

If you have been late on payments toward your debts, you may have had a bank levy placed against your accounts. These levies can be frustrating, and access to money that was yours can be cut off. Filing a bankruptcy petition will reverse bank levies and allow you to have access to your finances once again.

Cease of Wage Garnishments

In the event that your wages are being directly garnished from your paychecks to repay debts, you may want to look into filing for bankruptcy. When you file, all wage garnishments will stop and you will be able to retain your full pay. Of course, each person's situation is unique. An attorney from our firm can offer more information about your particular case.

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