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Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law has spent years creating an experienced team that’s knowledgeable in tons of financial law areas so that we can offer you a strong legal defense through a wide range of financial legal services. We have helped thousands and thousands of clients file for bankruptcy, settle medical debt, fight repossession, settle credit card debt, and much more. It’s not always easy to know if a lawyer is truly qualified to defend you, however, when it comes to financial legal advice, Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law has the experience to back it up. Call us now and you can set up a free consultation with one of our expert bankruptcy lawyers to create a strategy for fixing your finances and getting a fresh financial start.

When you file for bankruptcy Dearborn, a judge takes a look at your assets and liabilities to decide if your debts should be forgiven. Bankruptcy is governed by federal law, which means that all lawyers in Dearborn and throughout America need to follow the same legal procedures.

With our track record of success, we have built a solid reputation in Dearborn and around the Metro Detroit area as having strong ethics, tons of experience, and high levels of dedication to our clients in all areas of financial law. Take a look at our services to see if we can help you, too!

Credit Card Debt

If credit card debt is taking control of your finances, bankruptcy is an effective way out. Filing for bankruptcy will stop interest from growing your debt, and prevent creditors from attempting collection. With these to things, you won’t have to spend money from your daily living expenses to keep debt from growing.

Creditor Harassment

There are unethical debt collectors and creditors in America who will use harassment to get money from you. If you’ve experienced creditor harassment, we want to defend you and hold them accountable for their actions. These are a few behaviors that qualify as creditor harassment and are illegal: Discussing your debt with your boss behind your back, coercing you, intimidating you, and many more behaviors. We have the decades of creditor harassment experienced needed to put an end to the harassment and take those creditors to court for damages. We can give you a free consultation on how to stop creditor harassment.


The chance of foreclosure on your home is never a comfortable situation to be in. Your home is your safe place, and it’s also the biggest investment most people make in their lives. If you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can stop foreclosure. This is because of an automatic stay that goes into place, which is more powerful than an eviction notice and will keep you in your home. Keep your home in your hands where it belongs by getting in touch with Rita Kostopoulos Law and Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law so we can show you how to stop foreclosure.

Tax Forgiveness

In most cases, tax debt is not discharged during bankruptcy. But there are certain situations where it is discharged. This is when you meet IRS tax debt forgiveness standards, which allow your tax debt to be forgiven. Just get in touch with the experts at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Lawand we can tell you if you qualify for IRS tax debt forgiveness.

Medical Expenses

One of the leading causes of bankruptcy in America today is high medical debt. When you look at the cost of deductibles and premiums for medical insurance, it’s no surprise that people get into medical debt. Even if you do have insurance, it might not cover all of your costs and paying out of pocket could still put you in serious debt if you’ve had an emergency. If the debt gets high enough, even the hardest workers can find it impossible to pay off. But, if you file for bankruptcy, you can get a financial fresh start.

Facing Repossession

If a creditor is attempting repossession of your car or truck because you missed payment, Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law can help you keep your vehicle. We have the depth of experience and expertise needed to stop repossession. The most commonly repossessed assets in the country today. If your car has been repossessed already, we may still be able to get it back. Call us today so we can tell you how to stop repossession and how to get your car back if it’s been repossessed already.

Wage Garnishment

Your wages are being garnished if a part of your paycheck gets sent to creditors before you even get it. We’ll put a stop to wage garnishment for you. Most wage garnishment cases need a judge to order it, but not if the debt is for unpaid childcare costs, postponed student loans, or overdue income tax debt. In those cases, wages can be garnished with a judge’s involvement. Call us today and we’ll explain how you can get wage garnishment stopped.

Student Loans

Secondary education has become extremely expensive, and many graduates are finding themselves stuck with huge student loan debt. It may make you feel like going to school was a mistake, but it doesn’t have to. Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law can get rid of your student loan debt so you can live a debt-free life. Call now and we’ll come up with a strategy for clearing your student loan debt through student loan modifications, bankruptcy, or another debt relief option.

Is bankruptcy the right decision for me?

It’s not always the best choice, it depends on your situation. However, in many cases it’s a powerful way to clear debt and protect assets. It’s a confusing process to take on by yourself, so you’ll need a lawyer with the experience to know exactly what they’re doing so you get the best result you can. Some people think bankruptcy means you lose everything, but that’s just not true. The whole point of bankruptcy is to protect your assets while you settle your debt so that you don’t lose everything. If you want more information on how bankruptcy works and how effective it could be for you. Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law’s skilled lawyers are just a phone call away.

Will filing for bankruptcy protection help me?

Yes it will, that’s what bankruptcy was designed to do. Bankruptcy laws were created in the first place so that people with overwhelming debt could have a way to pay it off while protecting their assets. Bankruptcy filing activates an automatic stay, which pauses interest and makes it illegal for creditors to keep pursuing collection. Chapter 7 bankruptcy Dearborn can get the majority of your debt dismissed. Chapter 13 bankruptcy Dearborn allows you to consolidate your debts and pay them off in a single, smaller monthly amount.

What is the most common myth about bankruptcy?

The common myth about bankruptcy is that you will be left with nothing at all. This is false because the opposite is actually true. Without bankruptcy, having high debt means that you likely have to sell assets in order to pay it back. But bankruptcy protects your assets, freezes interest so your debt stops growing, and lets you pay off your debt more easily. The vast majority of our clients have kept all of their assets through bankruptcy. With the expertise of the lawyers at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, you can get the maximum debt relief in your situation through bankruptcy. For every client, we guarantee individual attention so you’re never left feeling confused during the process. Call us now so that we can put together a personalized plan to protect your assets and get you the debt relief you deserve!

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Because we strive to provide the best possible legal defense for all of our clients, we make sure to hire lawyers who have the experience and expertise necessary to give you that. But expertise isn’t the only important factor in providing a good experience for you. We also make sure that our lawyers are genuinely caring people, so that they’ll never feel the desire to take advantage of you. We have seen less ethical law firms rip off clients, providing them the bare minimum just to cash another check. We couldn’t live with ourselves if that’s the way we did business, so we make sure to put our ethics and dedication at the forefront of our services. We are here to get you the maximum debt relief possible, not take your money and dump you off on another law firm. Your success is our success, and we always keep that in mind.

If you’re looking for expert help on your financial troubles, our team of qualified Dearborn bankruptcy lawyers are waiting to give you that help. With all of the board certifications and expertise we have to back up our work, we can definitely make a difference in your case. Get in touch today and we will set you up with a free consultation on whatever financial legal issue you have. If you want to live a life free of debt and have financial control again, call Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law for help!