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Because the staff at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law have so much expertise and experience, we are able to offer a full range of legal services for your financial needs. Thousands of people have come to us for help in filing for bankruptcy, defending against repossession, settling credit card and medical debt, and much more. It can be tough to find the right attorney for your legal needs, but when it comes to fixing financial issues, Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law is always your best bet. Get in touch with us today so that our expert team can give you the legal counsel you need to get a fresh financial start.

Filing for bankruptcy in Hazel Park, MI will begin a series of legal proceedings, starting with a judge looking through your assets and liabilities. There is a chance that during this proceeding the judge will decide that your debts should be forgiven. Remember, bankruptcy is governed by federal law, so every attorney in Hazel Park and across America has to follow the exact same legal procedures.

People know that we are the best Hazel Park bankruptcy law firm due to our clear dedication and our wealth of experience in every area of bankruptcy law. If you came here looking for a specific service, then take a look at each service we offer below:

Credit Card Debt

If you’re deep in credit card debt, then bankruptcy can be a big help. It will stop interest on your debts and pause creditors’ collection attempts, so you won’t have to keep siphoning money away from your daily living expenses to pay off creditors. In fact, it’s illegal for creditors to even contact you directly during your period of bankruptcy.

Creditor Harassment

If you think that anything your creditors or debt collectors have done may qualify as creditor harassment, then get in contact with us right away. Examples of behaviors that qualify as creditor harassment are coercion, discussing your debt with your boss, intimidation, among many other illegal behaviors. We have spent decades stopping creditor harassment and holding the offending creditors responsible. We can even give you a free consultation on how we’ll make the harassment stop.


The potential to lose your home is enough to keep anyone up at night. Not only is your home your safe place, but it’s also a sizeable investment that you want to protect. We can pause foreclosure proceedings immediately by helping you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This will stop foreclosure proceedings because it sets up an automatic stay which overpowers even an eviction notice to keep you in your home. If foreclosure keeps getting closer and closer every day, give our experts at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law a call so we can put a stop to it.

Tax Forgiveness

Generally, tax debt doesn’t get discharged during bankruptcy. However, this is not the case every single time. If you meet certain IRS standards, you can get your back taxes, penalties, and fines dismissed. Let the professionals at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law figure out if your situation qualifies for IRS tax debt forgiveness. Get in touch today and we’ll get to work!

Medical Expenses

Extreme medical expenses have become one of the leading causes for bankruptcy. It’s clear to see why with the skyrocketing costs of medical insurance and deductibles, now both the insured and uninsured alike can be put into serious debt following a medical emergency. No matter how hard you work at a certain point medical debt becomes insurmountable by traditional paying methods. With bankruptcy, we can give you a fresh start financially so you can enjoy financial freedom again!

Facing Repossession

Is a car loan lender on your back about missed vehicle payments? Are they threatening repossession? If so, Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law will put a stop to this. As automobiles are the most commonly repossessed assets in America, our staff has plenty of experience not only fighting off repossession but also getting our clients’ vehicles back after they have been repossessed. Give us a call now and we’ll tell you how you can stop repossession before it happens.

Wage Garnishment

If you find that part of your paycheck is being taken and given to creditors before you get it, then this is wage garnishment. Most people think a court order is necessary to start wage garnishment, but for certain kinds of debt, the creditors don’t need a judge’s approval to start garnishing your wages. Examples of these kinds of debt are overdue income tax debt, postponed student loan debt, and unpaid childcare costs. Get in touch now and we’ll come up with a plan for stopping wage garnishment so you can get your full pay.

Student Loans

It’s common for people struggling under student loan debt to feel like they made a mistake by going to school. But you shouldn’t feel this way, let Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law help you. If you call now we can start to figure out a solution to your problem that ends in your financial freedom! Get in touch today and we’ll find a solution for you, whether it’s bankruptcy, student loan modifications, or any other debt relief option.

Is bankruptcy the right decision for me?

Not every way toward regaining your financial freedom and settling your debt necessarily involve bankruptcy, there could be other options for you. And while bankruptcy sounds like a lot to deal with, it’s not when you have a qualified lawyer. Also, you may believe the old myth that filing for bankruptcy means you’ll lose all of your assets. This is not true at all, and actually, the opposite is true. Bankruptcy was created to protect your assets until your debt is settled, not give them away. If you have any questions, our staff of experts would be happy to answer them for you. Let us explain how bankruptcy can help you!

Will filing for bankruptcy protection help me?

Yes it will. Bankruptcy laws were written for those under high amounts of debt. As soon as your bankruptcy is filed, your creditors will receive a notice of an automatic stay on your debts. With this automatic stay in place, they cannot continue pursuing collection from you. With Chapter 7 bankruptcy Hazel Park, you’ll have most debts dismissed, sometimes all debts. Hazel Park Chapter 13 bankruptcy lets you consolidate your debts into one so that you can pay them off more easily and in smaller amounts.

What is the most common myth about bankruptcy?

The most common (and incorrect) myth about bankruptcy is that you will lose everything, it’s going to wipe out your assets and bank accounts. This could not be further from the truth. Bankruptcy was actually created to protect your assets, and most of our clients have kept every one of their assets. We only hire dedicated lawyers at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, ones who will do everything in their power to ensure that you get the best possible result from your bankruptcy. With every client we take on, we strive to make the process as simple, stress-free, and effective as possible so that we can have a truly positive impact on your life. Let our team get you the most debt relief we can while protecting your assets with bankruptcy!

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We don’t just hire people who are good, experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we make sure that they are good people, too. Our expert attorneys will personally invest themselves in your case to ensure that you get the best legal counsel available. We don’t take advantage of people in a tough situation like some less reputable law firms would, we want to see you be free of debt.

Get the help you need from our expert Hazel Park bankruptcy lawyers. We have a wealth of experience and tons of board certifications to go with it, so we are equipped to handle any financial problems you may have. Get in touch now, and we’ll set you up with a free consultation that will give you an idea of how we’ll help you regain your financial freedom once and for all!