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We offer a wide range of services at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law Firm. We’ve helped countless clients file for bankruptcy, settle medical and credit card debt, fight repossession, and more. It’s not always easy to know who the right attorney is, but we want you to know that you can trust our staff. We care deeply for each client we have, and we’ll fight tirelessly to give you what we call fresh start bankruptcy services.

Once you file for bankruptcy in Mt. Clemens, MI, you’ll kick off legal proceedings where a judge will analyze your financial assets and liabilities. The judge may decide to have your debts forgiven. Bankruptcy is governed by federal law, so all Mt. Clemens lawyers must follow the legal procedures.

We are one of the best Mt. Clemens bankruptcy law firms, and we are well known for our expertise in a variety of bankruptcy areas. If you need a specific kind of legal counsel, look through our services below.

Credit Card Debt

Bankruptcy is an effective tool for getting out of credit card debt. It will stop you from spending most of your money paying back debt so that you can spend on the things you need each day. Also, it puts a stop to collection efforts by all creditors.

Creditor Harassment

If you have been intimidated by creditors, or they have involved your boss in your debt, or they’ve used any other harassing methods, let us help. We can hold these creditors accountable, call now for a free consultation.


The chance of home foreclosure is enough to scare anyone. Not only is your home your safe haven, but you’ve put a lot of money into it. If you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, then foreclosure proceedings legally must stop. Bankruptcy activates an automatic stay that is even more powerful than an eviction notice, so you can stay in your home. If you’re worried about foreclosure, get in touch with Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law.

Tax Forgiveness

In most cases, taxes are not discharged during bankruptcy. However, there are exceptions to that. You may be able to have back taxes, penalties, and fines forgiven when you file for bankruptcy. There are certain IRS requirements you need to meet for this forgiveness, so let a professional from Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law assist you in navigating this situation.

Medical Expenses

With the high cost of medical insurance, medical expenses have become one of the most frequent reasons for bankruptcy. When you don’t have insurance, emergency medical expenses can put you deep in debt. No matter how hard of a worker you are, it can feel like you’re losing control of your finances and your life. We can help you get back on your feet and pay your bills with our fresh start legal services.

Facing Repossession

Are you being pursued by a car loan lender who wants to repossess your vehicle after failed payments? It’s not surprising that the most commonly repossessed assets are cars and trucks. With help from Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, hundreds and hundreds of clients have been able to keep possession of their vehicles. Let our experienced staff offer you the legal counsel you need to keep your vehicle out of the hands of creditors or get it back if it was repossessed.

Wage Garnishment

When a portion of your paycheck is taken before you even get it and given to creditors to pay back your debt, it’s called wage garnishment. Even if there’s no court order against you, creditors can still use wage garnishment. There are a few different types of debt that are eligible for wage garnishment, for example, overdue income tax debt, unpaid childcare, or postponed student loan debt.

Student Loans

It’s tough to be confident in your choice to go to school when you’re unable to pay off your student loan debt. Don’t worry, Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law can get you a fresh start financially. Get in touch with us so that we can go over your case and help you find the best path toward getting control of your finances back. We can help you decide between student loan modification and bankruptcy.

Is bankruptcy the right decision for me?

There are plenty of debt-resolving solutions available, and some of those options include bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can sound scary but let us explain your options and how they can help you. With the expertise of the staff at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, you can learn more about bankruptcy through a free consultation.

Will filing for bankruptcy protection help me?

Yes, bankruptcy was created to protect you. The moment you file for bankruptcy, creditors have to stop collection attempts in all forms. No litigation attempts, wage garnishments, or phone calls. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy Mt. Clemens, the majority, if not all, of your debts are discharged. With Chapter 13 bankruptcy Mt. Clemens, you are able to consolidate your debts so that you can pay them off reasonably.

What is the most common myth about bankruptcy?

It’s a common worry that bankruptcy means you will lose everything. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, most of our clients have been able to keep all of their assets. For a free consultation with Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law experts, give us a call now. We’ll do all we can to simplify this process for you. We’ve seen too many people burned by bad representation, and we want to give you the legal counsel you deserve.

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