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At Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, we’ve put together a skilled team with many areas of expertise which allows us to offer the full range of high-quality financial legal services. Over the years, thousands of people have come to us for help in settling credit card debt, filing for bankruptcy, fighting repossession, settling medical debt, and much more. It can be hard to tell if the attorney you’ve hired is the best option for your case, but if you have financial legal troubles, then Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law is always your best bet. Get in touch today so that our expert lawyers can give you a free consultation on how to get your finances back on track with a fresh start.

Once you’ve filed for bankruptcy Southfield, you’ll have a judge checking your assets and liabilities. The judge could decide to have your debts forgiven during that proceeding. Since bankruptcy is governed by federal law, lawyers in Southfield and across the country have to follow the exact same legal procedures.

We have proven ourselves throughout Southfield and beyond as the best bankruptcy law group in the area with our dedication, ethics, and deep experience in many areas of law. Check out our services to see how we can help!

Credit Card Debt

Has credit card debt ruined your finances? Bankruptcy could help you out. Bankruptcy puts a pause on interest and stops any creditor collection attempts. This way, you don’t have to take money from daily living expenses in order to stop your debt from accumulating.

Creditor Harassment

Creditors and debt collectors sometimes resort to harassment to get paid, if this has happened to you call us right now. Here are some behaviors that you’re protected against by law: Coercion, negotiating your debt with your boss behind your back, intimidation, among many others. With our years of experience defending against creditor harassment, we can stop harassment and hold those creditors accountable. Let us give you a free consultation on stopping creditor harassment.


The chance of losing your home to foreclosure is a scary thing. Not only is your home one of the biggest investments the average American makes, but it’s also your safe haven. You can use Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to pause foreclosure. With the automatic stay that’s activated, you’ll be able to stay in your home, overriding even an eviction notice. Don’t let creditors take your home, give Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law a call for help so we can stop foreclosure.

Tax Forgiveness

Usually, tax debt won’t be discharged by bankruptcy. But, there are some cases where it is discharged. If you can meet the IRS tax forgiveness requirements, you could have your tax debt forgiven. Give a call to the expert lawyers at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law to find out if you can meet the IRS tax debt forgiveness standards!

Medical Expenses

Medical debt has become one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in America. It’s no surprise when you look at the cost of premiums and deductibles today. Whether you’re insured or not, you can still be the victim of serious medical debt after an emergency. No matter how hard of a worker you are, some levels of debt are too tough to overcome. However, bankruptcy gives you a chance at a fresh financial start!

Facing Repossession

Is a creditor trying to repossess your vehicle after missed car payments? If your creditors are cracking down and threatening repossession, call Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law now. With our decades of experience, we know how to defend against repossession. Automobiles are the most commonly repossessed assets. Even if your car has already been repossessed, we could be able to get it back for you. Get in touch now to learn more about how you can stop repossession or get your repossessed vehicle back.

Wage Garnishment

If a part of your paycheck is being taken before you get it and sent to creditors, then your wages are being garnished. We can help stop it. Not all types of wage garnishment need a judge’s order. If you have overdue income tax debt, postponed student loans, or unpaid childcare costs for example, there is no court order necessary to start garnishing wages. Get in touch now so we can start strategizing on how to stop wage garnishment.

Student Loans

With the extreme cost of higher education today, it’s not unusual for people to get trapped in high student loan debt. It’s enough to make you question if you should’ve gone to school in the first place. It was no mistake, let Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law help you clear your student loan debt. Call now and we can figure out a plan for freeing you from student loan debt, allowing you to live debt-free. We can find a way out for you, whether it’s through bankruptcy, student loan modifications, or other debt relief options.

Is bankruptcy the right decision for me?

It’s not necessarily the best choice depending on your personal situation, but it can be for many people given its power in debt relief. It can sound like a big step and a confusing process, but with a skilled lawyer it can be easy. Don’t believe the myth that bankruptcy means you’ve lost everything. In fact, bankruptcy allows you to keep your assets while helping you pay off debt. It was created so that you won’t lose everything. To learn more about how bankruptcy works and what it can do for you, give Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law a call to speak with one of our skilled lawyers.

Will filing for bankruptcy protection help me?

Yes it can, that is the exact point of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy laws were written so that people with huge amounts of debt can protect their assets and get out of their debt. Once you’ve filed for bankruptcy, it activates an automatic stay. This keeps creditors from trying to collect on your debt by law. With Chapter 7 bankruptcy Southfield, you may have most of your debts dismissed. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy Southfield, you’ll be able to group your debts into one and pay it off in smaller amounts.

What is the most common myth about bankruptcy?

It’s been said that if you file for bankruptcy then you will have nothing left. This is not true at all, in fact it’s the opposite of what happens. If you have huge debt and don’t file for bankruptcy, you’ll have to sell off assets to pay it back. But, if you file for bankruptcy, then your assets are protected while you pay off your debts. For most of our clients, they’ve been able to keep all of their assets through bankruptcy. Use the expertise of the lawyers at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law to get the most debt relief you can out of bankruptcy. We always give our clients individualized attention, as no person is more important than another. Get in touch today and we can come up with a plan to save your assets while getting you debt relief!

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If you need someone to help you sort out financial issues, the expert Southfield bankruptcy lawyers at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law are here to help. We have plenty of experience and tons of board certifications to back up our work. Give us a call now so that we can give you a free consultation on how to solve your legal financial issues. Let us help you regain control of your finances and live a debt-free life!