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Over the years, Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law has built an expert team with expertise in a wide range of financial and legal areas. This allows us to give you the best legal defense possible in a variety of financial areas. Thousands of people have come to us to file for bankruptcy, fight repossession, settle medical debt and credit card debt, and much more. It can be tough to tell if a lawyer can really help you as much as they say they can, but you can’t argue with experience and a strong track record like we have at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law. Get in touch today so that we can schedule you a free consultation with an expert bankruptcy lawyer who can explain your options for getting rid of your financial issues and getting a fresh start.

If you file for bankruptcy Taylor, you’ll have a judge who checks your assets and liabilities to choose whether or not to forgive your debts. Since bankruptcy is determined by federal law, every lawyer in America has the follow the very same procedures.

We are proud of the reputation we have earned in Taylor and Metro Detroit through our strong successful record. We have built our practice around deep experience, dutiful dedication to clients, and rock solid ethics. Check out our services to see how we can help you!

Credit Card Debt

Don’t let credit card debt take over your finances. Filing for bankruptcy can put a stop to interest on your credit card debt so that it stops growing. It also prevents creditors from trying any collections so you have time to pay it off. This way, you won’t have to take money away from things you need just to stop your credit card debt from growing.

Creditor Harassment

With the threat of unethical creditors and debt collectors, there’s a chance that your creditor may use illegal methods like harassment to try to get their money back. If you are a victim of creditor harassment, let us help you stop it and hold them accountable. Here are some things that qualify as creditor harassment: intimidation, coercion, and discussing your debt with your boss, among other behaviors. With the many years of experience we have in defending against creditor harassment, we can stop creditors who are harassing you and we can get them to pay for breaking the law. We’ll give you a free consultation on ending creditor harassment.


No one should deal with the stress that the possibility of foreclosure on your home can cause. Your home is not only a place of comfort, it’s usually the largest purchase most people make in their lives. By filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can put an end to foreclosure. The automatic stay that begins with bankruptcy overrules even an eviction notice to keep you in your home. Don’t let the bank take your home, give a call to Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law and learn how to stop foreclosure.

Tax Forgiveness

Taxes aren’t usually dismissed from bankruptcy. However, there are situations where you can get our tax debt forgiven. If you happen to meet the IRS tax debt forgiveness requirements, you’ll get your tax debt forgiven. To find out if you meet the requirements for the IRS tax debt forgiveness program, give a call to our team at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law.

Medical Expenses

Extreme medical debt has become one of the most common causes of bankruptcy in America. Considering how expensive deductibles and premiums for medical insurance have become, it’s obvious. The costs of care have skyrocketed as well, and even if you do have insurance you’ll like still pay a portion of it out of pocket. Just a portion of these costs can be extremely high and put you in serious debt. With high enough debt, it’s near impossible to get out by paying it off no matter how hard you work. You can get a fresh financial start through bankruptcy.

Facing Repossession

Are creditors trying to repossess your vehicle after you missed payments? Let Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law help you defend your vehicle. With our wealth of expertise and experience, we know how to stop repossession. Cars and trucks are the most commonly repossessed assets in the country. Even if they’ve already taken your truck, we could still get it back for you. Get in touch now to learn more about stopping repossession.

Wage Garnishment

If part of your pay is being taken from you and sent to creditors to pay off your debt, then you wages are being garnished. We can end this wage garnishment. Not every situation for wage garnishment requires a judge to make the decision, like with postponed student loan debt, unpaid childcare costs, or overdue income tax debt. To learn how you can put an end to wage garnishment as soon as possible, call us today!

Student Loans

With how expensive college and graduate school has become, tons of graduates are looking at their extreme debt and having second thoughts about their decisions. You shouldn’t have to feel that way, we can help you get rid of your student debt so you can be proud of your choice. To get started on a strategy for settling student loan debt with bankruptcy, a loan modification, or another debt relief option, give us a call today.

Is bankruptcy the right decision for me?

It’s a great choice in many situation, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all. There could be more effective debt relief options for your goals. With all of the different choices you can make, you need a lawyer who has the experience to not be confused or make a mistake in all of the complications that can arise. It’s a common myth that bankruptcy means you lose everything, but actually the opposite is true. In fact, it lets you settle your debts and protects your assets so you don’t have to sell them off to pay back debt. Let Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law show you how powerful bankruptcy can be for settling debt.

Will filing for bankruptcy protection help me?

That’s exactly what bankruptcy was made to do. Bankruptcy laws were written so that people who have extreme debt that would take decades to pay off have a way out without having to sell everything they own. This is because of the automatic stay that keeps creditors from collection attempts and pauses interest to stop your debt from growing. With Chapter 7 bankruptcy Taylor, you can get most of your debt dismissed. With Chapter 13 bankruptcy Taylor, you’ll be able to group your debts into one and pay them off in smaller installments per month.

What is the most common myth about bankruptcy?

People often think that bankruptcy means you lose it all. It’s not true at all. Actually, bankruptcy protects your assets so that you don’t have to sell them for money to pay back your debts. It also pauses interest so your debt doesn’t keep growing faster than you can pay it. Most of our clients have been able to keep all of their assets after bankruptcy. Use the experience that our expert lawyers at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law have so that you can get the maximum debt relief. We always give our clients one on one attention so that you have the best chance possible protect your assets and get debt relief.

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