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At Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, we have spent years to put together a team with a wide range of experience in all kinds of financial areas. With this, we can provide the best legal advice in that wide range of financial areas. We have helped thousands and thousands of clients fight repossession, settle medical debt and credit card debt, file for bankruptcy, and a whole lot more. It’s not always easy to tell if a law firm can actually help you as every one says it can. However, we have the experience, expertise, and history of success to back up our promises at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law. Call now to get a free consultation from an expert Westland lawyer on your financial issues, so we can get to work on helping you get a fresh financial start.

By filing for bankruptcy Westland, a judge will look through your assets and liabilities to see if your debts should be forgiven. Bankruptcy is governed by federal law, so every lawyer and judge has to follow the same rules.

We take pride in our history and our reputation that we’ve built in Westland and the Metro Detroit area from our record. Our practice is built on dedication to clients, strong ethics, and lengthy experience. Look at our services and see if you can help you, too!

Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt doesn’t have to rule your life. Bankruptcy will pause interest so your credit card debt stops growing. Plus, creditors cannot attempt collection while bankruptcy is active, so you have more time to pay it off. With this, you won’t have to take money away from daily expenses to keep your Westland credit card debt from growing any larger.

Creditor Harassment

It’s not entirely uncommon for unethical debt collectors and creditors to resort to Westland creditor harassment. They may try to use intimidation, negotiation with your boss, or coercion to get their money back. If you have a creditor who is harassing you, let us help you stop them and hold them accountable. With all of our years defending against creditor harassment, we know exactly how to stop it. We’ll also make sure those creditors are held accountable for breaking the law. Get a free consultation from us on stopping Westland creditor harassment.


Foreclosure is a scary thing, and we want you to be able to be comfortable in your home and protect your investment. If you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy Westland, it will pause foreclosure proceedings. Even an eviction notice can’t overrule bankruptcy once it’s filed, so you stay in your home. The bank shouldn’t be able to take your home, get in touch with Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law for help in fighting them.

Tax Forgiveness

Bankruptcy doesn’t generally get tax debt dismissed, but there are situation where it gets forgiven. This is when you meet the standards for Westland IRS tax debt forgiveness, which gets your tax debt forgiven. To learn if you meet these standards, call Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law for more information.

Medical Expenses

Medical debt has quickly become one of the top reasons for bankruptcy in America. It’s no surprise when you think of how expensive premiums and deductibles are for medical insurance. Plus, the extreme costs of medical care are a huge reason why, too. Even if you don’t have to pay all of the costs out of pocket, even some Westland medical expenses can put you in extreme debt. If you’ve tried your hardest and still can’t pay it off, ask Detroit Bankruptcy law to help you get a fresh financial start using bankruptcy.

Facing Repossession

If you’ve missed payments on your vehicle and creditors want to repossess it, Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law can help you keep your vehicle. We can use our deep experience and expertise to find a way to end repossession and help you keep your vehicle. Vehicles are the most often repossessed American assets, so we know how to defend against it. We can even get your vehicle back if they have already repossessed it. Ask us how today and we’ll show you how to fight Westland repossession.

Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment means part of your salary is taken and given to creditors before you get it. We know how to stop Westland wage garnishment. Judges usually have to order it, but not for every kind of debt, such as unpaid childcare costs, overdue income tax debt, or postponed student loan debt. If you want to stop wage garnishment, call us now!

Student Loans

Plenty of college graduates are frustrated with the extreme costs of tuition and their high levels of student loan debts. You don’t have to second guess your decision, let us create a strategy to get rid of your student loan debt so you can live debt-free. Call us now so we can create a plan to settle your student loan debt through a loan modification, bankruptcy, or another debt relief option.

Is bankruptcy the right decision for me?

It helps for a lot of people, but it always depends on your unique situation. There may be better options that get you more debt relief. The wide range of choices you could make can be overwhelming, so let our experienced lawyers show you the best possible option. Many people think that bankruptcy means you will lose everything, when actually the opposite is true. Instead, it protects your assets while it wipes the slate clean on your debts. Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law can show you how effective bankruptcy is against high debt.

Will filing for bankruptcy protection help me?

Yes, bankruptcy was made to protect people from creditors. Bankruptcy laws give people with extreme debt the chance to settle that debt without having to sell off all of their assets. The automatic stay activated by bankruptcy stops interest so you debt doesn’t grow, and it makes creditor collection attempts illegal. Chapter 7 bankruptcy Westland can get the majority of your debt dismissed. Chapter 13 bankruptcy Westland will allow you to consolidate your debt and pay it off in smaller amounts.

What is the most common myth about bankruptcy?

It’s a common misunderstanding that bankruptcy wipes out everything you own. It doesn’t. Instead, it helps to wipe out your debt while protecting your assets that you would otherwise have to sell to pay the debt off. Plus, it stops interest so that your debt doesn’t grow larger. We’ve seen the majority of our clients at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law keep every one of their assets through bankruptcy. Let our expert Westland bankruptcy lawyers protect your assets and get you as much debt relief as possible through bankruptcy. Call us now to get a one on one free consultation on how bankruptcy can get you debt relief while protecting your assets.

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We’ve seen unethical lawyers take advantage of clients, taking their money without trying their best to help. That’s why we make sure our lawyers are effective and ethical, so we can offer every client the best defense possible. Ethics are the backbone of our practice because we want to help people get out of debt, not take your money for ourselves.

If you’re looking to get expert advice on any financial trouble, let the top expert Westland bankruptcy lawyers at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law help you. With all of our experience and many board certifications, there isn’t a financial problem we can’t solve. Get in touch today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about fixing financial problems and going into the future debt free!