Credit Card Debt You Do Not Need to Live With!

Have you been struggling with credit card debt long enough? It’s time to put an end to it. Credit card debt is eliminated through bankruptcy.


If your credit card balances double approximately every 5 years, you're only making the minimum payment.

Credit card debt is one of the easiest to discharge in a bankruptcy.

So unless you use your card the day before filing and it's been in bad faith because you bought a lot of jewelry items or intentionally maxed out your card, you'll have no problem in discharging credit card debt.

It'll save you a lot of interest. It'll save you penalties and fees that credit card companies like to tack onto your balance.

Credit card companies typically have a reputation as being predatory because of the high interest rates.

I would invite you to come in and meet with us and get an opinion on how we can help you get rid of this credit card debt so that you can begin living your life again. And just focusing on your basic living expenses - food, shelter, and the important things you need for your family.

Please come and see us. We would be happy to evaluate your situation and tell you how we can help you.

Our bankruptcy certified specialists can help you get rid of this debt.