Considering Debt Consolidation?

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Traditional Debt Consolidation


Government Sponsored Debt Consolidation

*Also Known As Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection

Traditional Debt Consolidation

Risk of Legal Actions

Wage Garnishment

Property Liens

NO Legal Protection

Hidden Monthly Fees

Tax Implications of Forgiven Debt

Long-term Financial Consequences


Government Sponsored Debt Consolidation

NO Risk of Legal Actions

NO Wage Garnishment

NO Property Liens

FULL Legal Protection

NO Hidden Monthly Fees

NO Tax Implications of Forgiven Debt

NO Long-term Financial Consequences


While traditional debt consolidation and government sponsored debt consolidation are both strategies to manage financial distress, they come with distinct differences and levels of protection. Understanding these differences is essential in choosing the path that best aligns with your financial goals and circumstances.

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Our lawyers will help you determine whether Traditional or *Government Sponsored Debt Consolidation is right for you.

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