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Experienced California bankruptcy lawyers in a strategy meeting, planning the best approach for client debt relief through liquidation bankruptcy and credit counseling in California, ensuring compliance with bankruptcy code.

Discover the path to financial freedom through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our Riverside attorneys provide expert guidance to help you eliminate debt and regain control of your finances.

Revitalize your business with expert guidance. Our Riverside attorneys ensure a secure future for your company in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

Regain financial control and build a brighter future with our Riverside attorneys. Craft a personalized repayment plan in the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.

Stop creditor harassment in its tracks. Our Riverside attorneys are your shield, protecting your peace and financial well-being from relentless creditor actions.

Defend your home with our expertise. Our Riverside attorneys stand ready to safeguard your property during the foreclosure process, ensuring your peace of mind.

Explore options for altering your loan terms. Our Riverside attorneys are dedicated to helping you achieve financial stability through this process.

Discover the many alternatives to bankruptcy. Our Riverside attorneys provide guidance for tailored solutions to your financial challenges, without filing for bankruptcy.

Defend against repossession threats. Our Riverside attorneys protect your assets and help you navigate the complexities of repossession defense.

Tackle student loan debt head-on. Our Riverside attorneys provide expert guidance to help you find relief and manage your student loan burden.

Stop income deduction attachments. Our Riverside attorneys work to protect your income and financial stability, providing relief from creditor wage garnishment.

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Our Bankruptcy Lawyers in Riverside, California are committed to using our decades of combined legal experience to serve the needs of people who are overwhelmed by unmanageable debt.

Whether you underestimated the consequences of having too many unpaid bills or your credit score is rapidly declining as you fall deeper into debt, we can provide the legal assistance you need to obtain a fresh start.

We help clients of all backgrounds turn bad financial situations around for the better. Our law firm has helped thousands of people get out of debt and discharge thousands of dollars in medical bills and credit card debt.

Our Bankruptcy Attorneys in Riverside fight hard on behalf of our clients to save their cars from repossession and their homes from foreclosure.

 Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law also has a certified bankruptcy Lawyers in Riverside on our team, so you can trust that your case is in very good hands.

Cases Our Riverside Bankruptcy Lawyers Handle in Southern California

During your initial consultation with One of our bankruptcy attorneys in Riverside, we'll take the time to listen closely to your concerns and review the specifics details of your situation so we can help determine what type of bankruptcy is best for you.

We can assist with a variety of Riverside bankruptcy and related cases, including:

We will also seek out any alternatives to bankruptcy that would serve your financial needs better. Reach out to Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law today so we can explain each phase of the bankruptcy process and what to expect for your life after bankruptcy.

Understanding the Benefits of Bankruptcy in Riverside, CA

The biggest draw for most people to file for bankruptcy is the fact that it will assist with eliminating non-secured debts, but there are many other advantages as well. If you need a trusted bankruptcy lawyer in Riverside who can provide you with representation and information about the various benefits that filing can have for your personal situation, do not hesitate to contact our firm.

Automatic Stay

From the moment you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay will be placed onto your account. This means that all collection attempts will be forced to cease and that creditors will have to stop trying to call or get in contact with you. Automatic stays are court orders, and any creditor that attempts to contact you after the filing of your petition can be directed to your attorney.

Saving Your Vehicle

In addition to protecting your home, bankruptcy can also save other property from repossession. One of the biggest worries regarding bankruptcy is that cars and other items purchased on credit will be repossessed; however, filing for bankruptcy could stop the repossession process and help regain property and items that have been recently repossessed.

Foreclosure Protection

Are you facing foreclosure? We can save your home! If you are late on mortgage or loan payments and are aware that you may soon be in the midst of the foreclosure process, filing for bankruptcy can greatly benefit you. When you file, all foreclosure attempts will be forced to cease, allowing you time to restructure your payments or negotiate with creditors to protect your home.

Stopping Wage Garnishments

In the event that your wages are being directly garnished from your paychecks to repay debts, you may want to look into filing for bankruptcy. When you file, all wage garnishments will stop and you will be able to retain your full pay. Of course, each person’s situation is unique. An attorney from our firm can offer more information about your particular case.

Reversal of Bank Levies

If you have been late on payments toward your debts, you may have had a bank levy placed against your accounts. These levies can be frustrating, and access to money that was yours can be cut off. Filing a bankruptcy petition will reverse bank levies and allow you to have access to your finances once again.

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Top FAQs to Riverside Bankruptcy Lawyers

According to the United States Bankruptcy Code, just about anyone can file. It is still important to hire an attorney, because they will know what the exceptions are, and which chapter you may be limited to file under.

No. If you and your spouse wish to file for bankruptcy separately, you may; however, there are some situations in which joint filing may yield better results than single-filing status. You and your attorney can discuss your options.

Not necessarily, and in fact, bankruptcy may be able to save your home from foreclosure. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may provide a bit more protection from foreclosure than other options, but under some Chapter 7 circumstances, you can save your home or car as well.

Yes! If you are constantly being pestered by creditors and collectors looking to obtain money from you, filing for bankruptcy can stop them. When you file, an automatic stay will be placed on your accounts, which means that all collection attempts will be forced to cease.

Depending on the chapter that you file under, your credit score will reflect the bankruptcy for a few years. After you file though, you can begin to rebuild your credit almost immediately. An attorney from our team can help you understand your specific credit situation.

In many cases, filing together would make the most sense and provide you with the best outcome. You can file separately though. Laws differ by state, so it is best to discuss your options with your attorney though to be certain which option will provide the best outcome.

The most widely held misconception of bankruptcy is that you are in a situation where you are losing everything. This is absolutely not the case. During the majority of our clients’ bankruptcy proceedings, they are able to keep all they own. Be wary of making choices based on vast quantities of disinformation about bankruptcy available on the internet these days – it can be very risky. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and learn the truth of it all. If you work with a bankruptcy expert, the process can be much easier than you think.

It certainly would. The first thing filing will do is it will put a halt to all borrower collection activities. It would put an end to incoming phone calls, ongoing litigation, pay garnishments, and even bank taxes. Most, if not all, debts can be discharged in Chapter 7. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will give you time to consolidate your debts and repay any dollar you owe.

Under the United States Bankruptcy Code, almost anyone can file for bankruptcy. There are a few exceptions, and your specific case may limit you to a specific chapter you can file under. That is why it is important to speak with an attorney.