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Although motor vehicles are usually associated with repossession, almost any item you purchase with credit or a loan can potentially be repossessed if you fail to keep up with the minimum payments. Have you defaulted on a loan to a lender or creditor? If so, you might be at risk of repossession.

At The Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, our esteemed team of lawyers is committed to defending the rights of consumers across Southern California who are facing repossession. We proudly use our in-depth understanding of repossession law to provide high-quality representation and practical counsel to individuals of all backgrounds who want to protect their property or get their property back after repossession.

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There are federal and state laws that grant consumers specific rights and protections. When your vehicle or any other property is repossessed, the repossession company must operate fairly and adhere to all applicable laws.

Creditors and vendors are required to send you and any cosigners on your loan a post-repossession notice if you default. Generally, you have the right to recover your vehicle if you pay any past loan amounts and impound or storage fees incurred with the repossession. However, if you fail to make such payments, then the repossessed vehicle can be sold at auction to repay the balance of the debt.

Agents executing a repossession order must avoid breaching the peace. Actions like entering private property without permission or entering a locked storage or garage facility to repossess items are illegal. Repossession professionals also cannot threaten you or make violent or physical contact with you when repossessing property.

Using Bankruptcy to Stop Repossession

Filing for bankruptcy will place an automatic stay on your account that can save your property from repossession. An automatic stay is a court order that creases all collection attempts and contacts with debtors. If your property has already been repossessed, then filing for bankruptcy promptly can help you recover your property.

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