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Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law is here to help people who are struggling with unmanageable debt. We understand that no one can underestimate the power of having unpaid bills, snowballing debt, and a quickly declining credit score. Such dire financial circumstances can cause incredible amounts of stress and too many sleepless nights. Such stress can also impact many aspects of your personal and family life. We’re here to find viable solutions that can turn a bad situation around for the better.

Types of Bankruptcy We Handle

Our San Francisco bankruptcy lawyers can help clients determine which form of bankruptcy they qualify for.

The different types of bankruptcies are:

To find the right bankruptcy for you, get in touch with our bankruptcy lawyers in SF.

Our San Francisco Bankruptcy Services

We offer a variety of services that can help alleviate debt relief and offer solutions to an already overwhelming situation.

Some of the services our bankruptcy attorneys in SF offer are:

At Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, our San Francisco bankruptcy attorneys have helped thousands of people get out of debt and achieve a financial fresh start. We have helped clients discharge thousands in medical bills and credit card debt, have helped clients save their cars from repossession and their homes from foreclosure, have helped people eliminate tax debts, and have helped lower clients’ monthly obligations to a payment they could realistically and comfortably afford. With a certified bankruptcy specialist on our team, you are in very good hands.

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We proudly represent clients in Oakland, Alameda, Albany, Fremont, Berkeley, Concord, Hayward, San Francisco, San Leandro, San Francisco, Stockton, and all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area , Contra Costa and Alameda County.

What Sets Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law Apart from the Rest

Our firm is a seasoned bankruptcy law firm dedicated to finding real, workable solutions that give clients the second chance they need so much. There are many advantages of filing for bankruptcy. We take pride in helping individuals and families find the debt relief they need and deserve.

Our San Francisco Bankruptcy Law Firm

Our team members at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law are proud members of numerous legal organizations, including the following:

Should you go with Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, you can take comfort in the fact that within just a few short months, you and your family can be headed towards financial recovery! Hear what our clients have to say by reading our client testimonials!


  • “What a great group of people the Kostopoulos team is, they were the most prepared lawyers at our trustee meeting.”

    - Former Client
  • “Every single member of your staff that we had contact with should be applauded for their knowledge, caring, and for making us feel welcome and putting us at ease.”

    - John and Susan K.
  • “Streamlined, no surprises.”

    - Former Client
  • “We want to thank the whole office for all the help and for allowing us to make payments.”

    - Former Client
  • “Everyone was always very friendly and courteous.”

    - Christina V.

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    Who can file for bankruptcy?
    Under the United States Bankruptcy Code, almost anyone can file for bankruptcy. There are a few exceptions, and your specific case may limit you to a specific chapter you can file under. That is why it is important to speak with an attorney.
    Does my spouse have to file with me?
    No. If you and your spouse wish to file for bankruptcy separately, you may; however, there are some situations in which joint filing may yield better results than single-filing status. You and your attorney can discuss your options.
    Will I lose my home or car?

    Not necessarily, and in fact, bankruptcy may be able to save your home from foreclosure. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may provide a bit more protection from foreclosure than other options, but under some Chapter 7 circumstances, you can save your home or car as well.

    Can bankruptcy stop creditor harassment?
    Yes! If you are constantly being pestered by creditors and collectors looking to obtain money from you, filing for bankruptcy can stop them. When you file, an automatic stay will be placed on your accounts, which means that all collection attempts will be forced to cease.
    What will happen to my credit?
    Depending on the chapter that you file under, your credit score will reflect the bankruptcy for a few years. After you file though, you can begin to rebuild your credit almost immediately. An attorney from our team can help you understand your specific credit situation.