Learn the Benefits of Bankruptcy

Help from Our San Francisco Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, it is important that you work with an attorney. At Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, we are proud to offer quality representation to individuals facing a variety of financial concerns. Our team has assisted more than 8,000 clients in reaching their legal goals, and we may be able to help you as well.

When you work with our team, we will provide you with personalized service, dedicated counsel and develop a legal plan of action to help you meet your goals. If you are feeling the burden of debt or you are being harassed by creditors and collectors, we encourage you to contact a bankruptcy lawyer from Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law right away.

How can bankruptcy be a good thing?

Bankruptcy can provide many benefits to individuals, families and businesses, and our team can help determine the right course of action for your case. While there are alternatives to filing, sometimes bankruptcy may be the best option. One of the major incentives for individuals to file is the fact that bankruptcy will eliminate non-secured debts, but there are many other benefits as well.

Of the many advantages that bankruptcy can provide, these are five of the primary benefits of filing for bankruptcy:

  • Foreclosure Protection – When you file a bankruptcy petition, all foreclosure attempts will be forced to cease upon your property. Even if you are already undergoing foreclosure, filing for bankruptcy can put a hold on all proceedings.
  • Repossession Defense – If you purchased and item with credit and you are late on a payment, the creditor or lender could potentially repossess the item. Filing for bankruptcy can protect you and your property from repossession.
  • Automatic Stay – An automatic stay is a court order that forces all collection attempts to halt. Automatic stays mean that creditors cannot contact you, ask for payments, or continue to garnish wages in an effort to collect.
  • Cease of Wage Garnishments – If your paycheck has been garnished by creditors in an effort to repay debts, filing for bankruptcy can help ensure that your wages are returned to normal. When you file for bankruptcy, all wage garnishments will be forced to cease under the automatic stay.
  • Stopping Creditor Harassment – Another immense benefit of the automatic stay is the immediate end to contact from creditors and collectors who are pressuring you for repayment. Once you file for bankruptcy, all collection attempts must stop and any contact can be forwarded to your attorney.

Looking for an attorney for bankruptcy in San Francisco?

Are you tired of feeling weighed down by your debts? If you are seeking relief from the consuming pressures of debt and creditors, do not hesitate to contact Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law. Our team of dedicated legal professionals stands ready to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for your specific case.

When you work with our firm, you can be confident that you will not have to face the California bankruptcy courts alone. Allow a member of our team to be your legal advocate in your time of need. Tell us your story today! Contact a San Francisco bankruptcy lawyer from Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law now at (877) 969-7482.