Detroit Repossession Defense Attorneys

Is your car loan company threatening to take and repossess your car because you have not made payments?

You are at risk of repossession if you have defaulted on a loan to a lender or creditor.   Automobiles are among the most often repossessed assets, and it happens to be one of our most common law practices here at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law.  We’ve helped hundreds of customers keep their cars out of creditors’ hands, and we’re proud to provide experienced representation and committed legal advice to those trying to defend their asset or reclaim it after repossession.

Protect yourself! It is important that you speak with us at The Detroit Bankruptcy Team Attorneys. At our firm, we’ve helped hundreds of clients keep their cars from the hands of creditors. At The Detroit Bankruptcy Team Attorneys, we are proud to offer experienced representation and dedicated legal counsel to individuals looking to protect their property or get their property back after repossession.

When you work with a bankruptcy attorney in Detroit from our team, we will immediately begin to investigate your situation. We will review with you the laws that govern consumer rights and ensure that your rights were not violated in any manner during the repossession process.

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