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Achieve financial independence through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our experienced Flint lawyers provide expert counsel to eliminate debt and regain control of your finances.

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Take charge of your debt and build a better future with Flint’s bankruptcy experts. Craft a custom repayment plan through Chapter 13.

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Against adversity, Flint families stand strong. We stand beside them, ensuring their dreams stay rooted in the homes they cherish.

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Don’t let repossession steal your ride! Grab the reins of your finances, understand your rights, and keep your car humming.

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 Don’t let debt drown your dreams. Our Flint team, skilled in Chapter 11, can guide your company toward a path of financial renewal and reinvention.

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Don’t let creditors claim your paycheck! Our Flint wage garnishment experts can fight to keep your hard-earned money in your pocket and protect your financial future.

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Drowning in medical debt? Flint’s empathetic legal experts chart a course to financial solace, crafting personalized strategies to alleviate the weight of healthcare costs.

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Break free from the endless debt spiral. Our skilled Flint lawyers stand as your protectors against the constant bombardment of creditor calls, giving you the power to reclaim your financial stability and find calm amidst the tempest of debt collection.

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You’re not alone. Credit card debt can happen to anyone. Let our Flint team of bankruptcy experts guide you toward financial freedom.

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Flint Bankruptcy Attorneys

Experienced Flint Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Genesee County, Michigan

At Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, our experienced Flint bankruptcy attorneys have devoted our practice to helping consumers regain financial control in the face of overwhelming debt. Our dedicated team understands the stress you are likely under when you can no longer make ends meet. Without a sensible solution, your debt will not go away and may even increase through late fees, penalties, and increased interest rates. The time to take action is always sooner rather than later because your situation may worsen with threats of lawsuits, collection harassment, repossession, wage garnishment, and foreclosure on your home.

The nightmare of debt can be stopped with appropriate legal solutions, such as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. While you may believe bankruptcy is a sign of defeat, these legal tools have provided a path toward financial stability for millions of Americans. Bankruptcy has been established by the federal government as a legitimate means for honest debtors to get a fresh start. At our Flint bankruptcy law firm, that is our mission in helping clients overcome severe financial distress.

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Take Control of Your Financial Situation. Speak to a Bankruptcy Attorney In Flint.

If you are drowning in debt, you need a lifeline to help restore you to solvency. Our team of experienced Flint bankruptcy attorneys Are here to help you understand your options. We can provide the counsel you need to determine if a bankruptcy suits your needs and goals or if other options are available. We ensure that you understand Michigan’s bankruptcy law, how the process works, its pros and cons, and how we can help you navigate the courts.

When you work with Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, you will have the advantage of a team led by a Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist that has completed thousands of bankruptcy filings throughout our years in practice. We know the ins and outs of bankruptcy law, how the courts work, and how to help you move through the process toward the end goal of freedom from debt so you can start over with a clean slate.

We Handle The Following

Chapter 7

This provides individuals and businesses with a fresh financial start by liquidating assets to discharge eligible debts

Chapter 13

This is the “wage-earners” form of bankruptcy that reorganizes your debt into a three to five-year payment plan.


Your shield against unfair collections in bankruptcy. Protect your assets and fight unjust claims.


This involves legal strategies to protect homeowners facing the risk of losing their property due to mortgage default.

We put a highly-skilled team on your side every step of the way, from your first meeting with us to discuss your needs throughout all phases of the bankruptcy or debt relief process. With our help, you can reduce or eliminate all or a portion of your unsecured debt, stop wage garnishments, and end all other attempts by your creditors to collect on your accounts. We can help put you in the position of being able to take control of your financial future with a fresh start.

Why Hire an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Flint, Michigan?

Our Flint-Based Bankruptcy Attorneys Provide A Wealth Of Significant Benefits In Managing
The Complex And Often Overwhelming Terrain Of Bankruptcy. Our Team Of Experienced Attorneys
Are Ready To Assist You In Every Step Of The Process By:

Bringing in-depth knowledge of Michigan’s specific bankruptcy laws, ensuring that your case adheres to all state regulations, exemptions, and requirements. This expertise helps you make informed decisions that align with your unique financial situation.

Serving as your advocate, liaising with creditors on your behalf and putting an end to relentless collection calls and harassment.

Providing expert guidance throughout the intricate paperwork filing process, minimizing the risk of errors or omissions that could lead to delays or even case dismissal. They help you prepare for the Meeting of Creditors, ensuring you’re well-prepared and confident during this crucial step.

Meticulously analyzing your financial details to determine the most suitable bankruptcy chapter, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, that maximizes debt relief while safeguarding your assets.

Assisting in protecting your valuable assets, such as your home or car, while still seeking debt discharge when it comes to exemptions.

Aiding in crafting manageable repayment plans that adhere to your budget in Chapter 13 cases.

Secure peace of mind by enlisting the expertise of a Flint Bankruptcy Attorney who is committed to your best interests.
Our dedicated professionals guide you towards a rejuvenated financial beginning, skillfully maximizing the advantages of the bankruptcy process.

Ready to get started? Talk to a Flint bankruptcy lawyer about your case today. Contact us at (877) 360-4362.

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Top FAQs to Flint Bankruptcy Lawyers

Whether you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will need to participate in court proceedings. One important session is the meeting of creditors, in which creditors address your bankruptcy petition. You may be asked questions about the information in your paperwork, and creditors may request that you clarify details. However, your Flint, MI bankruptcy attorney will handle court hearings, and inform you if and when your presence is required in bankruptcy court. 

Yes, you can cease any collection efforts by creditors from the date that you file your bankruptcy petition. There is a rule called the automatic stay in bankruptcy, and it applies to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. It prohibits creditors from taking legal action to collect your debt, meaning foreclosure and eviction must stop. However, the lender could request that the bankruptcy court lift the automatic stay, allowing foreclosure to proceed if the motion is granted. 

The rules allow you to file bankruptcy after a previous case, but there are some restrictions. You must allow waiting time after your first bankruptcy. If you went through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy before, you cannot file a Chapter 7 case for 8 years and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for 4 years. With a prior Chapter 13 case, you must wait 6 years or 2 years to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case, respectively.

Chapter 7 discharges all qualifying debt, leaving you debt-free and not owing creditors when your case is over. You must meet the eligibility criteria, which focus on your income. If you make too much, you could be disqualified. In Chapter 7, the bankruptcy trustee takes control over your assets and has the power to liquidate. The sale of assets aims to pay back creditors, but there are many exemptions you can use to protect real estate and personal property.

There is an impact on your credit score when you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Michigan, so you can expect a drop. Your bankruptcy lawyer can advise you on how much of a reduction you might experience. In addition, the Chapter 7 case will remain on your credit report for 10 years, as measured by the date you file your petition. Fortunately, you will eliminate all qualifying debt and get a fresh financial start. 

When you file for Chapter 7, you can wipe out many types of consumer debt. Examples include credit cards, medical debt, personal loans, and lines of credit. A gambling debt is also dischargeable in most cases if it represents a debt to the casino. In some cases, you might incur gambling debt by arranging a casino marker, which is a short-term, interest-free loan. This is a type of debt you can discharge through Chapter 7, if you qualify. 

There is one main criteria you must meet to qualify for Chapter 13, and it is having a steady job. If you are unemployed, you are not eligible because of the objectives of this type of bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is debt reorganization, where your debts are assessed and restructured into a single monthly payment. The amount of the debt repayment plan is based upon your income, so you need a job to stick to the agreement. 

You are permitted to file another bankruptcy case for Chapter 13 if you went through Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the past. However, you must wait the designated time period. You cannot file Chapter 13 for 4 years after Chapter 7, and the waiting period is 2 years if you are filing another Chapter 13. To file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must wait at least 6 years for a Chapter 13 or 8 years to file another Chapter 7 case.

No, you cannot make changes to your mortgage through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process, unless you make some other arrangement with the lender. Chapter 13 is debt reorganization aimed to discharge a person’s dischargeable, unsecured debt. A mortgage is secured by your home, so the lender has the option to foreclose on your home for nonpayment. Fortunately, you can discharge some arrearages and fees in Chapter 13, after you complete the terms of your debt repayment plan in 3 to 5 years.