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Need an attorney to prevent repossession?

Vehicles are some of the most commonly associated with repossession; however, almost any item that was purchased with credit or a loan could potentially be repossessed. While failing to pay one payment does not always mean that repossession is inevitable, lenders could repossess very quickly after a person falls behind. At Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, we work with our clients to ensure that they understanding their rights as a consumer and that they receive the best possible representation for their case. We will guide you throughout the legal process and diligently work to protect you and your property. If you are facing repossession, contact a bankruptcy lawyer in San Francisco from our firm right away.

One of the best ways to save yourself from repossession is to file for bankruptcy. Regardless of the chapter that you file under, bankruptcy places an automatic stay on your accounts. Automatic stays are court orders that force all collection attempts and contacts with debtors to cease. If your vehicle or property is in threat of being repossessed, bankruptcy will put a hold on all repossession attempts. In addition, if your property has already been repossessed, acting quickly to file bankruptcy could help you regain your property. Vehicles may be able to be returned as long as you pay impound or storage fees. Early intervention is key; otherwise, your property may be sold at auction to repay loans and debts.

Consumers have rights during repossession!

As a consumer, you have rights that are protected under the Federal Trade Commission, and any attempts to repossess and item that violate your rights are illegal. According to federal and state laws, repossession companies cannot take your property with use of force of threat, enter into your private property without permission or enter into a locked garage or storage facility without permission. In addition, if the repossession is for a vehicle, they cannot force you to stop driving and take your vehicle nor involve the police in an attempt to repossess. Any property that is damaged during repossession may be the liability of the repossession company.

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If you feel that your rights are being violated in any manner, it is important that you contact a San Francisco repossession lawyer from Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law right away – (877) 969-7482.