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Obtain fiscal liberation with Kostopolus Bankruptcy Law, your distinguished preference for bankruptcy solutions in Garden Grove. With over two decades of expertise, our seasoned team has successfully managed more than 10,000 bankruptcy cases, providing reliable guidance through your financial challenges.

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The team of effective attorneys at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law are committed to helping our clients de-stress their lives and rebuild their financial strength. We offer a full array of financial services to help you Move Forward!

If you pass the means test and qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief, most or all of your unsecured debts – including medical bills, personal loans, past due utility bills, and overdue rent – will be wiped clean.

Instead of forgiving your unsecured debt like Chapter 7 bankruptcy does, Chapter 13 bankruptcy restructures your payment schedules so that you can easily bring all of your overdue accounts up to par – over up to five years.

A Chapter 13 automatic stay is an injunction that stops creditors from attempting to collect on your past due accounts. It also allows you to end the threats of home foreclosure and automobile repossession.

If you are behind on one of your loans, and making the payments has become overly burdensome, allow us to help you restructure it with smaller payments and lower interest rates.

Seeing that your wages have been garnished when you look at your paycheck can make you wonder why you even bother to go to work. That’s stressful, and our team is here to protect you from that unfortunate situation.

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Our supportive team of financial professionals at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law genuinely enjoy helping our clients to rebuild their creditworthiness and financial strength. Allow us the privilege of serving you next!

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With many decades of combined experience and knowledge, our team of bankruptcy attorneys provides personalized attention to each client. Let us develop a customized strategy to restore your financial vitality.

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We'll take the time to understand the small details of your financial situation, and offer you expert advice about your best options to build your credit back and improve your cash flow. Will be here for you every step of the way.

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We'll take the time to understand the small details of your financial situation, and offer you expert advice about your best options to build your credit back and improve your cash flow. Will be here for you every step of the way.

Legal Protection and Relief

It's stressful enough to be behind on your financial responsibilities, and almost unbearable when creditors keep calling or otherwise contacting you to collect overdue bills. We can put an end to that for you.

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Bankruptcy is a legal process that permits people and companies to enjoy new financial starts. Bankruptcy can either wipe away debt completely, or restructure the payment schedules on overdue debts to make them easily manageable. In the USA, federal bankruptcy laws have been enacted to allow new economic beginnings, so that people are not buried in unmanageable debt throughout their entire lives.

Yes. Married couples may file for bankruptcy either jointly or separately. Just be aware that filing jointly means that both spouses will have that bankruptcy on their credit report for years to come.

It’s possible, but it’s a complex process that depends on various factors. It’s common to be able to discharge some of your income tax debt if it’s three or more years old. There are other conditions too, and if you have questions, feel free to contact us and schedule a sit-down consultation to discuss your needs.

Similar to the situation with having older income tax debt forgiven, having student loans discharged is possible but difficult. The challenge is proving that repaying the student loan is causing serious and disadvantageous hardship.

Yes, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an excellent way to put a stop to the foreclosure process. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons that this chapter of bankruptcy was initiated. After successful filing, you’ll be granted an automatic stay, which protects you from foreclosure and repossession while also stopping creditors from harassing you about overdue bills.