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Obtain fiscal liberation with Kostopolus Bankruptcy Law, your outstanding choice for bankruptcy solutions in Ontario. Our seasoned team, backed by over two decades of expertise, has successfully navigated more than 10,000 bankruptcy cases, assuring you effective guidance through financial challenges.

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The team of bankruptcy lawyers and financial coaches at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law is fully dedicated to each of our clients. Let us help you to consolidate your secured debts, clean away your unsecured debts, and be happier!

If you are eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it’s likely that your unsecured debts, like credit card and medical bills, will be fully wiped away. Chapter 7 allows you a new lease on your financial life.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy doesn’t wipe your debts away like Chapter 7. Instead, it restructures your payment schedules and allows you to avoid foreclosure and repossession.

It’s so very stressful to have to live, every day, under the threat of having your automobile repossessed, or your home mortgage foreclosed on. Let our intelligent bankruptcy lawyers help you improve your situation.

If you have a Chapter 13 consolidation schedule, or a loan that has become too difficult for you to make payments on, our attorneys can help you restructure your accounts so that the payments are doable.

It feels sickening to look at your paycheck and see that your wages have been garnished for overdue financial responsibilities. If you’re facing this situation, discuss the details with our bankruptcy lawyers, and let us help.

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The understanding team of financial counselors at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law has helped hundreds of Ontario, California residents to reestablish their financial strength through bankruptcy and other valuable services.

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Our bankruptcy lawyers have extensive experience helping clients rebuild their finances. Let us help you to reduce your stress levels and increase your opportunities for economic fortitude.

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Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law provides individualized counseling for each client. We'll learn about your unique financial situation, and do everything that we can to better position you for the future.

Post-Bankruptcy Planning and Rebuilding

Bankruptcy is the beginning of a second chance for financial fortitude. You'll need to plan a budget, pay your bills on time, and begin showing creditors that you are a feasible option, once again.

Legal Protection and Relief

Being harassed by creditors or threatened with foreclosure or repossession is a constant stress that nobody needs. Let our professional bankruptcy lawyers secure an automatic stay to quickly end your anguish.

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Bankruptcy is a legal procedure that allows individuals and businesses fresh financial beginnings by either wiping debts away, or restructuring existing debts with lower payments and more time to pay. Federal bankruptcy laws are in place to give new starts to people who have been living with unmanageable debt.

Yes, you can. One member of a married couple may file bankruptcy either separately or jointly with his or her spouse. However, you should know that filing jointly will affect both spouses’ credit ratings for years to come.

While it is technically possible, it’s a very complex procedure that depends on numerous factors coming together in unison. Typically, you can discharge a portion of your income tax if it’s at least three years old, plus meets certain other conditions.

As with income taxes, it is possible, but difficult. Some student loans can be included with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, but proof is required that repaying the student loan would cause detrimental financial hardship.

Yes, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an excellent vehicle to stop the foreclosure process. In fact, that’s one of the primary reasons that this type of bankruptcy was designed.