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Secure your financial liberty with Kostopolus Bankruptcy Law, the top choice for bankruptcy support in Pasadena. Our team, enriched with over twenty years of experience, has successfully overseen more than 10,000 bankruptcy cases, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to helping clients overcome their financial difficulties.
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The helpful bankruptcy attorneys at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law in Pasadena, California offer a complete array of financial services. Let us assist you in restoring your financial life.

A free consultation or initial consultation about the bankruptcy process with bankruptcy lawyers or bankruptcy attorneys at a bankruptcy law firm in California to help with legal assistance with unsecured debts, medical bills, debt settlement, bankruptcy litigation, bank levies, wage garnishments, credit card bills, foreclosure defense, financial needs, chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy or other financial situation for a fresh start and protect assets with a payment plan.

If you score appropriately on a bankruptcy means test and file for Chapter 7, you’ll experience having most or all of your unsecured debt cleared. However, you’ll likely have to sell off non-essential holdings, like that classic Lamborghini.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers a structure for rearranging debt and bringing your payments current. You can make reasonably priced payments on your balances over a period of up to sixty months.

When you intelligently choose to team up with the financial specialists at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law, we’ll help swiftly end creditor aggravation via continual efforts to collect overdue bills.

Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers and financial analysts can help you to adjust your payment schedules. You’ll enjoy longer payback cycles with lower interest.

If some of your earnings are taken off your paychecks, it’s much more difficult to face each day. Allow us to help you vanquish that nervous tension. Schedule an opening consultation with one of our financial professionals today.

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We encourage you to research our standing online, and to ask your friends about the superb financial services we offer. We love serving our wonderful neighbors in Pasadena, Cali!

California Bankruptcy Law Office helping those struggling with household income too low to pay bills who are facing foreclosure with debt, chapter 7, chapter 13 bankruptcy, wage garnishments, personal loans, credit card debts or other bankruptcy cases.

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The fiscal professionals at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law deliver tailored services for every client. Let us help you to revive your financial freedom.

top bankruptcy attorneys for small business owners filing for bankruptcy or debt settlement in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, Moreno Valley, and Southern California bankruptcy law firms.

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Our never-ending goal is to give you the support you need to redevelop your financial confidence. Whether you need to apply for bankruptcy, need assistance stopping creditor pestering, or want to reorganize your mortgage, we're here to help.

A bankruptcy lawyer or bankruptcy attorney offering a free consultation or initial consultation with a repayment plan to file bankruptcy in the inland empire of California to stop foreclosures, file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, file Chapter 13, stop wage garnishments, and get a fresh start for a new financial future with the bankruptcy process.

Post-Bankruptcy Planning and Rebuilding

After completing bankruptcy, you have a clean financial start. We offer expert-level reorganization services to help you rebuild your creditworthiness and streamline your cash flow.

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Team up with us today and enjoy life more! Allow us to rapidly and efficiently stop bill collectors from causing you stress about overdue payments.

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Yes. It can cause a significant reduction of your credit score. Also, bankruptcy stays on your credit report for up to 10 years. However, most people can considerably grow their credit scores after bankruptcy by making smart decisions.

Yes! You can file bankruptcy despite your employment circumstances. However, if you’re employed, your wages will somewhat determine whether you can file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Yes! After successfully filing for bankruptcy, an automatic stay will go into effect, meaning that bill collectors will no longer be legally permitted to visit or call you about overdue financial obligations.

Practically anyone can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as long as their mixed unsecured and secured debts total less than $2,750,000.

Yes, though it may be more challenging during the first 24 months than after. The impacts of bankruptcy diminish over time, but they will stay on your credit report for as long as 10 years.

An automatic stay is a court-issued order that prohibits bill collectors from trying to collect outstanding debts. It ends a creditor’s legal right to call, visit, email, or otherwise bother you.

If you score appropriately on the means test, and are found to be eligible for Chapter 7, then yes, almost all of your medical bills and other unsecured debts will be fully discharged.

Unsecured debts are fiscal commitments that aren’t backed by collateral. Examples of liabilities that are normally forgiven in Chapter 7 include overdue rent, unpaid personal loans, outstanding medical bills, late utility bills, and past-due credit card bills.

It’s a normalized algorithm that evaluates your economic strength compared to others in your demographic class.