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Chapter 7 bankruptcy can discharge numerous types of debt completely, but you will have to liquidate all of your non-exempt assets in the process.

If you have a dependable source of income, and wish to restructure your debts so that they’re easier to pay, Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be the solution you need.

It’s almost unbearable having to live under the constant threat of foreclosure or repossession. Allow our compassionate and effective bankruptcy attorneys to help end that misery for you.

You can still restructure your home mortgage loan, even after filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, to enjoy a lower interest rate and longer time to pay.

If wage garnishment is not a viable solution for your debt problems, contact our experienced bankruptcy lawyers to discuss the best debt relief options for your individual situation.

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Bankruptcy is the beginning of a second chance for financial fortitude. You'll need to plan a budget, pay your bills on time, and begin showing creditors that you are a feasible option, once again.

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Besides getting relief from crushing debt, bankruptcy offers you an automatic stay, which is an injunction that immediately prohibits bill collectors from harassing you further.

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Bankruptcy is allowed on a federal level for individuals and businesses suffering under long-term financial hardship. It can be used to achieve a fresh financial start and have old debts forgiven or restructured.

Definitely. You can file either jointly or separately. However, understand that if you file jointly, both of your credit scores will be impacted for years.

If you and your spouse share debt or bank accounts, then yes, filing bankruptcy could also affect his or her credit score as well as your own.

It’s possible, but very complex, and depends on various factors. In general, you can typically discharge some income tax if it’s more than three years old and meets other conditions.

It’s technically possible, but very difficult. In order for student loans to be included in a Chapter 7, you’ll have to show that repayment would cause you serious financial hardship.

Yes, when you file for a Chapter 7, you’ll benefit from an automatic stay, which prohibits collectors from contacting you in any way.

Yes, a Chapter 13 can save you from losing your home to foreclosure. In fact, Chapter 13 was largely designed for individuals who’re behind on their home mortgage payments.

Yes, your home mortgage loan can be modified after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This will allow you to possibly achieve a lower interest rate and a longer time to pay.

Sure you can. Medical bills are unsecured debts which means that they can be included. However, remember, with Chapter 13, you’re still responsible for paying off the debt.