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Attain financial independence through Kostopolus Bankruptcy Law, the premier provider of bankruptcy assistance in Torrence. With a track record of handling more than 10,000 bankruptcy filings, our experienced professionals, boasting more than twenty years of experience, are committed to navigating you past your monetary hurdles.
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The personal finance experts at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law are committed to helping people in Torrance, California improve their financial power with a grouping of practiced services.

A free consultation or initial consultation about the bankruptcy process with bankruptcy lawyers or bankruptcy attorneys at a bankruptcy law firm in California to help with legal assistance with unsecured debts, medical bills, debt settlement, bankruptcy litigation, bank levies, wage garnishments, credit card bills, foreclosure defense, financial needs, chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy or other financial situation for a fresh start and protect assets with a payment plan.

If you pass the bankruptcy means test for Chapter 7, all or most of your indiscreet debt will be totally dismissed. This includes hospital and doctor bills, water and electricity bills, and outstanding credit card charges.

With Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you’ll experience bringing your overdue debts current with affordable payment options over 3 – 5 years.

If creditors are continually harassing you, threatening to foreclose on your mortgage or repossess your auto, allow our team of astute bankruptcy attorneys to help you out of the situation.

If the costs of repaying your loan have become impossible, and you’re behind on your financial obligations, allow our financial specialists to help you to reorganize your payment schedule with lower interest rates.

Looking at your earnings statements and noticing that some of your wages have been withheld to pay overdue bills is dismaying. The group of caring pros at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law is here for you with knowledgeable assistance.

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Our team sincerely cares about assisting every client to enjoy less anxiety and more financial strength. Allow us to help you next with an extensive scope of top-quality services.

California Bankruptcy Law Office helping those struggling with household income too low to pay bills who are facing foreclosure with debt, chapter 7, chapter 13 bankruptcy, wage garnishments, personal loans, credit card debts or other bankruptcy cases.

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Our friendly team of Torrance bankruptcy attorneys has many decades of merged experience. Let us design a custom strategy to help you redevelop your fiscal power.

top bankruptcy attorneys for small business owners filing for bankruptcy or debt settlement in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, Moreno Valley, and Southern California bankruptcy law firms.

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Whether you want to reorganize your existing mortgage loan, file for bankruptcy, or plan out your economic future, the helpful professionals at Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law look forward to assisting you.

A bankruptcy lawyer or bankruptcy attorney offering a free consultation or initial consultation with a repayment plan to file bankruptcy in the inland empire of California to stop foreclosures, file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, file Chapter 13, stop wage garnishments, and get a fresh start for a new financial future with the bankruptcy process.

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Finalizing the bankruptcy procedure extends you a new lease on your economic life. Allow us to assist you to make smart choices about expanding your credit rating and developing your fiscal future.

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We recognize that it's already nerve-racking when you're delinquent on your financial obligations, and it becomes virtually intolerable when bill collectors endlessly badger you. Let us work for you and quickly get them off your back.

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Some of the pluses include a reduced amount of stress, unsecured obligations being cleared away, stopping creditor annoyance, reorganization of debts to enhance manageability, and getting a renewed start on your financial outlook.

Yes, for most people, but there must be at least 8 years between the dates you file on.

Yes, you can choose to file jointly or separately. Ponder filing separately if your spouse has major assets to shield.

If you file separately, it won’t affect your spouse’s credit score. However, it might make it more challenging for your spouse and you to get joint accounts afterwards.

It’s possible, but not easy. You can probably have some of your existing tax obligations discharged, as long as they are a minimum of three years old. There are restrictions though. Contact us to learn more.

As with unpaid income tax responsibilities, having student loans cleared via bankruptcy is feasible, but difficult. You’ll have to demonstrate that making the overdue payments will cause you damaging hardship.

Absolutely. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a superb vehicle to stop the foreclosure process. Essentially, that’s one of the principal reasons that this specific chapter of bankruptcy was established.

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