Medical Debt Will Destroy Your Future, We Can Help!

Medical is one of the leading causes for filing bankruptcy because accidents happen. Life happens, and medical emergencies are never intentional.


Medical debt is the main reasons that many people come to see us and file for bankruptcy.

Unexpected illnesses and lack of insurance are the two number 1 reasons why people end up with so much medical debt.

They go to the hospital, they go to the doctors, an emergency happens, and they are not able to pay these expenses.

A hospital bill can be an excess of $20-30,000. And most people cannot pull out that much money and pay it back.

So that leads to lawsuits, collection efforts, and garnishment of their paychecks once these medical companies start aggressively pursuing these debts.

So we can definitely help you if you come to us. As board certified bankruptcy specialists, we will help you evaluate your debt as well as discharge your medical debt.

The best time to evaluate your medical debt is now - before hospitals and doctors have the chance to transfer to a collection agency or attorneys who are going to aggressively come after you for this debt.

So if you have medical debt, come and see us.

We're board certified specialists and we can help you get rid of this debt.