Bankruptcy Exemptions in the State of California

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Each state has its own laws that dictate the exemptions an individual can claim when filing for bankruptcy. The state of California requires that any individual who wishes to claim certain property and assets as exempt from his or her bankruptcy proceeding, must use the exemptions afforded by state laws. The federal exemptions found in the U.S. bankruptcy code cannot be used here in our state. In certain instances individuals may be able to claim specific “non-bankruptcy” exemptions for a portion of their wages, veteran benefits, Social Security benefits or benefits available to those in civil service jobs.

We advise that any individual who is considering filing for bankruptcy obtain legal counsel before making any final decisions. As a general rule of thumb, those filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection will be able to claim a portion of any real or personal property they occupy, part of the value of a car, truck or other automobile, a limited amount of jewelry, art, equipment, furnishings, tools and other property, as well as a percentage of the wages that were earned up to 30 days prior to filing. All non-exempt property and assets can be liquidated by your bankruptcy trustee and used to pay off unpaid debt. As a result of the various exemption laws, and with the help of a skilled attorney, many individuals will get to retain the majority of their possessions and property.

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