Welcome to Our Bankruptcy Blog for Oakland!

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Are you facing a financial hardship? Do you feel overwhelmed by debt? If so, working with Kostopoulos Law Group — Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law can help! Our team is comprised of caring, experienced and understanding legal professionals who stand ready to ensure that you receive a favorable outcome for your case. We have 10 years of experience handling a variety of bankruptcy-related issues and we may be able to help you as well. If you have been contemplating bankruptcy, we encourage you to work with our team!

Recently, we launched our new user-friendly website, and to correspond with the site, we proudly announce the launch of this new blog. This blog will be updated periodically to provide information and up-to-date content for Oakland residents regarding bankruptcy and our own case results. Check back soon, and in the meantime, contact Kostopoulos Law Group — Kostopoulos Bankruptcy Law and tell us your story. We may be able to help!