Can One Spouse File Bankruptcy Without Affecting the Other in Michigan?

Deciding to file for bankruptcy requires serious consideration of all potential outcomes, your goals for resolving debt, impacts on your credit, and many other factors. When you are married and seeking debt relief through bankruptcy, your situation is slightly more complicated. You must still take these matters into account, but you must also think about your spouse’s interests. If you decide to go through bankruptcy together, you will both be impacted by all proceedings in the case.

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Does Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishments in Michigan?

Creditors will often engage in aggressive tactics to communicate with you regarding debt, including calling you at home and contacting you at work. However, there may come a time when a creditor takes legal action that could have a significant impact on your finances and future. By going through the proper process, a company can get an order from a Michigan court that takes part of your earnings to satisfy the debt you owe. The matter is termed wage garnishments in Detroit, and it is one of many options a creditor has to get paid.

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How Long Does It Take To Get a Discharge in Michigan?

Debt can get out of hand before you realize it, leaving you struggling to pay bills and fearing legal action from creditors. Despite efforts to make payments and cutting your budget, you may be unable to stay on top of your finances. Unfortunately, the more you fall behind, the more the fees add up. You may have already considered some options for getting out of debt without court, but these are not always the best fit for your situation. Bankruptcy in Michigan may be a wise solution, since it eliminates qualifying debt. One of the first questions for many filers is timing and how long it takes to get a discharge in Detroit.

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